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So now the food conglomerates, after successfully inflating the portion sizes of the meals Americans eat outside the home, are trying to convince us that three square meals a day are not enough:


The campaign is called “fourth meal” and was originally launched in a series of Taco Bell spots telling kids that “everyone is a fourth mealer — some just don’t know it yet.” Now, new “fourth meal” ads are once again popping up all over television, insisting that “sometimes the best dinner is after dinner.” The ads are backed by an eponymous website and a “cravinator” smartphone app that helps binge eaters select their junk food of choice.


Hero prince in missile strike on commander

Hero ... Prince Harry
Published: 23rd December 2012

PRINCE Harry has killed his first Taliban commander, The Sun can reveal.
The 28-year-old gunship co-pilot was called on to unleash a missile strike to eliminate a senior terror leader.
Harry has proved a massive hit with comrades in Helmand, Afghanistan, who have nicknamed him Big H.
A defence insider said: "Big H is a legend.
“We were on patrol and the Apache helicopters were called in. We heard this posh voice come over the radio and knew it was Big H. They were tracking a Taliban leader — he was commander level.

At controls ... Harry is front-seat co-pilot in vital chopper missions
"The Apache then let off some Hellfire missiles and its 30mm cannon and 'boom'. It was Big H all the way."
The Sun understands the decisive strike occurred in late October during a partnered patrol with Afghan troops hunting the Taliban chief.
Gunship co-pilot Harry is on tour in Helmand and has been flying daily combat missions helping "troops in contact" — the code given when ground forces are engaged by enemy fighters.
And 28-year-old Captain Wales has become a hugely popular figure with Our Boys. Our source added: "I met him in the cookhouse.

High flier ... Apache co-pilot Harry is on second tour in Afghanistan
I saw this bloke standing in line and I went, 'That's Big H'.
"He's like a normal squaddie. All the guys in Afghan have so much respect for him and love him.
"Big H is a legend, he's been out in Afghan and he's doing the business. All the guys love him — he's Big H. "He likes a drink and a laugh and he's one of the lads."

Read more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4711647/prince-harry-kills-first-taliban-chief.html#ixzz2IHqevdcP



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