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Sisyphus toiling
Oh Jesus God -- this is ridiculous -- I'm too young to be hunched over the keyboard wincing and whimpering because my back feels crap and my neck won't bend left without *screaming pain*. In other related news, I've decided to name my laptop (only ONE YEAR after buying it) "Back Pain". It gets along swimmingly with my pillow, "Neck Pain". Together, they form an unbeatable "Pain in my ASS" club of destruction.

er: my life has been work - work - homework! - homework! - homework! for the past few weeks, and the only thing keeping me sane is that I don't have the flu. I do currently have a cold, though.

I'm also:

* reading like mad (re-read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn again last week and it still makes me want to cuddle Huck until he can't breathe; he is seriously the most adorable character in all of great American literature),

* watching Scrubs on DVD,

* did go to see Beach Blanket Babylon last Friday (according to wiki, the longest running cabaret show in America, having "sold out every performance for 32 years, with close to 12,000 performances") and commiserated with a friend over sinfully fattening dessert the miserable state of our respective love lives -- he got depressed, while I remain Zen.

* and decided to dub Congressman Don Sherwood with a new nickname: I think "Congressman Choke-a-Bitch" is very fitting. Also dashing and quite appealing to this young "hip hop" generation.


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