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Music Video Rec
I'll be upfront and admit that I don't like most music videos. I think the ones that aren't actively offensive (boobies flying and ass-shots and jiggling girl bits) or pretentious (Hello, indie bands of the emo!) are boring (the rest of them). They rarely work as more than a fancified showcase for the song, rarely have the kinetic energy of a good movie even, but sometimes someone gets it right:

Here It Goes Again by OK Go. The song is cute and energetic, but the video rocks. It's a single shot, one-take (no cutting), with a totally static camera in front of which the bandmembers do this incredibly witty dance on treadmill. It reminds me of those routines Fred Astaire did with props, a casually picked-up umbrella or a coat hanger that turned deftly into a dance partner in his hands, where the wittiness of the initial idea is fully utilized and it becomes more than a gimmick. Something that could be really cheesy or stupid-looking is instead delightful; I literally cannot stop smiling every time I watch this video. Four guys doing a complicated, coordinated and syncopated dance on the movie surfaces of two rows of treadmills: oh-so awesome.

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